Product Solution Manager

I was hired as a technical writer in 2004, the first one at Cambio. I then worked as a technical writer for about 5 years full-time and then began to take on other roles, such as Functional Product Owner (FPO) and Interaction Architect. In 2011 I was offered the position of PO (Product Owner) for the module COSMIC Resource Planning and I stopped completely with my job as a technical writer. In connection with a reorganisation, the PO role more or less disappeared, and now I work as PSM (Product Solution Manager). Today I am also PSM for COSMIC Theatre Management and COSMIC Link.

I have a lot of fun and the work is varied, trying to understand users’ needs and translate them into the functional requirements of the product. Since most of the development is done in Sri Lanka it is a large part of the job to discuss and explain the needs and demands to the people working there. It is a big challenge, but very stimulating. In my role I prioritise improvement, both regarding new functionality and eliminating any bugs in the product and I need to make it clear to the teams in Sri Lanka which items should be in each release of the product. It is also I who must approve the content and quality of the product for each release. In addition, I write documentation for the newsletter sent out to our customers before each release, for those modules where I am responsible.

If necessary, it is also included in my duties to assist the sales organisation and the various marketing departments at Cambio with functional expertise. It can, for example, be to go to the client and help with the analysis of the specific needs of the customer, or presenting to a smaller or larger number of users, or attending a sales demo for any of my modules.

My attitude has always been that you have to know the people you work for, i.e. the users. For this reason, I have always made sure that I come out to users of my modules regularly. It is essential to understand the domain we work in, but also be able to identify the right priorities. A case that seems like a trivial matter for those of us developing the product could be very important for the user who may encounter this problem several times each day. I also think it is important to distinguish between customer and users. Sometimes it’s the customer needs that have to be met and sometimes it is the user’s, and they can often have different needs.

In my spare time I spend time with my family. I have 2 children, 9 and 5 years old. I also like to play sport. Running has always been one common thread throughout my life. I also think it’s fun to cook and dine in the company of good friends. I would like to learn more about how to combine wine and food!

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Today Cambio is an e-healthcare company providing smart, reliable and user-friendly solutions to improve healthcare and patient safety with a market-leading position in the Nordics and a presence in the UK, with more than 100,000 users.

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